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I highly recommend Coach Justin Curry for your son and/or daughter.  My 10 year old son has been going to Justin for quite a while and we have seen great improvements in his game.  His high school, collegiate and professional resume of the game of basketball intrigued me to give him a call and utilize his coaching talents.  I was not disappointed!  Justin is very thorough and disciplined, yet fair with his students.   Rergardless of your child's ability, basic fundamentals are key for success and growth.  He starts with the basics and builds on them.   He motivates your child through drills and continuous practice, not raising his voice or yelling.   The one-on-one sessions are perfect to work on "trouble areas" of the game.  Justin makes the drills and practice fun and motivating, while working hard at the same time.  If you are looking for a great coach, give Justin an opportunity.   You will not be disappointed.


Joel & Jake - Noblesville, IN

Justin Curry resonates a quiet strength in his teaching style that inspires young athletes to be the best they can be. Justin has had an extraordinary impact on Brayden’s basketball acumen. He listened to the personal goals that Brayden had established and uses those goals as a driving force for growth. Justin’s coaching techniques not only advance overall basketball skills but also develop a well-rounded, honorable player that any coach would be proud to lead. Justin’s mentoring will have a lasting influence on Brayden.


David, Dustina & Brayden - Kokomo, IN

I highly recommend Justin Curry to any boy or girl wanting to learn or improve on their basketball goals.  My daughter Katelyn has been seeing Justin for awhile. Justin's basketball techniques and skills he uses has not only improved Katelyn's basketball game it has built her confidence in herself, which she has taken to improve herself on and off the court as well as improving her prerformance in her other sports.  Especially greatful for the support Justin gives Katelyn to encourage the love she has for basketball as she has played since 3rd grade and now a JV player in high school.  Thank you Justin for all that you have done and continue to do for Katelyn.  Greatly admire your coaching abilities.


Michelle & Katelyn  - Elwood, IN

Coach Justin has worked with my son for a couple of months.  In a short amount of time, my son's confidence has grown.  Justin works on the total package.  Dribbling, Shooting, Footwork & Core Strength.  Justin works on everything! He communicates extremely well with younger players.  He is attentive, recognizes and corrects small details which make a huge difference in a kids game. The best part is the enthusiasm he has for the kids and the game.  Working out with Justin is my son's favorite part of the week which speaks volumes.


Kamea & Cary C. - Fishers, IN

I sought out Justin’s basketball training services for my 10-year-old son, Ty.  My son has always loved basketball.  Coming out of last year’s season, he expressed a lack of confidence in his abilities as compared to those of many of his contemporaries.  I told him that if he was willing to put in the effort, then I would be willing to pay for a private trainer.  I did my research on nearly twenty different trainers in the area.  Something about Justin’s bio really stood out to me, and I kept circling back around to him.  I had an inclination that Ty would take well to Justin.  Boy was I right!  Justin has been nothing short of amazing.  He devotes as much effort to developing a young players emotional and mental ability as he does to developing their physical ability.  My son leaves his training sessions saturated in sweat with a red face and a great big smile.  That means the world to me.  Seeing Ty pushed physically and leaving the gym smiling only speaks to Justin’s ability to get the most out of his students as possible, while leaving them engaged and ready to return for the next session.  I think the world of Justin, as does Ty, and I am so thankful that we found him.  I honestly don’t think I could have found a better fit for my son. Justin has tremendous character, an unrelenting devotion to his students, and a demeanor that leaves his students feeling cared for.  Ty has made tremendous progress under Justin’s tutelage, and I believe that Justin is laying the foundation that will allow Ty to realize his basketball goals.  If you are looking for a trainer for your young athlete - look no more!  Justin is the right man for the job.


Ty & Bobby - Westfield, IN

Jason, Amy, Olivia & Ryan - Fishers, IN
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