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Training Programs

These Training Programs have been 20 years in the making and I'm excited to share them with YOU!

I know what it’s like to wonder whether you’re doing everything you possibly can to turn your basketball dream into a reality — or, if there’s something missing from your training that could finally unlock the talent you know you have inside of you… And I know how to help you unlock that talent.

The results will speak for themselves

The most frequent user of these proyrams is my son Justin Curry II. Despite being the tallest player on his team, he starts at point guard, is the primary ball handler and shoots the 3 pointer with ease, all at the of age 10!                                     

Take a look below




I'm not saying this to brag. It's living TRUTH! My students are the reason I will stop at nothing to bring the best basketball training information to those who need it most — and, most importantly, the reason we won’t rest until you’re the player you’ve always wanted to be.

But here's the deal....

Throughout my many years of playing with and against as well as coaching and teaching high level basketball players. Whether they were black or white, fat or skinny, tall or short. They all had one thing in common that helped them standout or play great when they needed to.



You must be committed to a results based program. Missing days or weeks, using excuses like I don't have time or I was sick. Listen your are right, YOU DON'T HAVE TIME to take time off. If basketball is something you want to do and excel at a high level, you have to meet the requirements that comes with that goal. It's time to be 100% honest. Are you putting in enough focused work. Are you ready to? If not, this is not for you and I would hate to waste our time and your money. 

So What's The Math?

I know training can be a financial commitment. Don't look at the cost of private training as a payment. Look at it as an investment. If the goal is to play college ball. NCAA Div 1, Div 2, & NAIA  all offer full ride scholarships. Over 8k scholarships for boys and 9k for girls. Let's do some math. If you trained with a personal trainer once a week for 52 weeks per year, for 4 years at $55/HR = $11,440 Investment. Indiana University, 4 yr tuition avg for in-state resident....$97,712! I'm not saying your kid will play at IU, but I am certain he/she can find a college to pay for all 4 years, Parents commit! Players sacrafice = WINNING!!! That's the real math!

Results Based Programs

Below you will find enough basketball programs to work through a high school and college career! 

Make your choice of one 12 Week Program. Be prepared to work!

Then as a BONUS, you will select one Athleticism or Skill building program to coincide with your training

Schdeudle and Payment

There are options on how to complete the 12 Week Programs. 

Option 1: Meet 1x a week for 12 weeks = $600  

Option 2: Meet 2x week for 12 weeks  = $1,080 

Option 3: Meet 3x week for 12 weeks  = $1,260 



Paying for the program in full will recieve a 10% discount on the final price as well as extra workout sessions.

Option 1 PIF = $540 plus free session

Option 2 PIF = $972 plus 2 free sessions

Option 3 PIF = $1,134 plus 3 free sessions

12 Week Programs

*Scoring Machine*

Is designed to cover all aspect of your scoring game. There are focuses on your explosivity and driving, shooting, footwork, conditioning and mentality, separation moves, finishing and much, much more. Each and every drill has a game specific skill and in every workout you will be improving upon multiple facets of  your game.


*Hustle Hard PG*


This program includes 12 unique workouts, over 80 drills organized into four periodized phases and much more.  Driven is good for the player that wants to improve their perimeter basketball skills. Players can train 5-days per week over the course of the 12-week program focusing on different elite principles in each of the workouts

*Guard Focused*

This is a comprehensive Skill, Leadership & Mentality Training Program. Progressive training sessions including nearly 80 drills & 1000s of reps carefully engineered to maximize and develop elite Point Guards. 12-weeks of Mentality & Leadership Work that ALL point guards need to have to become Winners, Leaders…Alphas.


A 12 week high intensity training program for playrs at any level. The best part? It takes less than 45 minutes a day...So if you're one of those people who don't have a lot of time, this will work for you!


*Hard To Guard*

is designed to transform you into a confident, elite basketball player that shoots the ball well consistently, creates space and gets past the toughest defenders easily, and has the confidence needed to be a BIG TIME player at the next level. This program is high recommended for grades 1st-6th to help build a foundation


Skills & Athleticism

*Super Human Dribbling

Grayson Boucher also known as The Professor, one of the world's best and highly recognized ball handler's, developed the Super Human Dribbling Workout. It takes players through the foundational workouts that led him to be where he is at today, emphasizing key fundamentals and innovative footwork. That said, this program is for Basketball players of all ages and any level from amateur to professional.


Shooting- Become a sniper through extra meaningful repetion!

Scoring- Improve your scoring mentality and become an Assassin 


Dribbling- Ball on a string handles, superior confidence in your moves


Jump Training- Amazing jump program. The same program I used to increase my vertical to 38 inches!

Speed Training- If you want to make it as a perimeter player, speed isn't optional, it's mandatory!

Upper Body Training- Become basketball strong!


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